Zen Solutions
Humanity automation
through Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning techniques
We build intelligent virtual assistants that automate every aspect of the business where it is necessary and possible to cut costs of end-user customer support or to provide the best quality for your clients.

Roman Doronin
EORA - enterprises on road assistant
Everyday thousands of drivers use EORA to get any type of on-road help in real time.

Our solution makes it more easy and friendly for end-user to get help and service searching through a in-app conversational chatbot.
We develop voice driven bots for telephony automation to help customer support to work less and satisfy more.

The end-user talks with robot naturally and can book airplane tickets, find a doctor and make other things faster and without humanity envolving.
Just AI
Our partner and core technology manufacturer provides us a set of innovative tools to develop all new features and solutions for any type of business.
How we work
We are an experts in chatbot and voice assistants development with more than 5 years of experience.

We use a set of tools and technologies in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning areas to build the most robust and intelligence solutions and solve the most complex tasks.
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