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Dusi Voice Assistant
She impressed me the first time I saw her... Then she continued, and today I don't know how to use any smartphone without the voice.

Roman Doronin
CEO & Founder

Dmitriy Chechyotkin
CTO & Founder
Natural language processing and AI technologies make it possible to implement the most convenient interface between the user and any device - the voice driven UI. We built several voice assistants on top of our AI engine and Dusi is the most successful.

Dusi Voice Assistant

The most advanced virtual voice assistant for Android devices in Google Play
(Russian language version)
Built on top of our AI engine, this voice assistant makes it possible to control any Android or wearable devices, smart homes and everything around you with only voice commands. Our unique NLP technology enables Dusi to work even offline.
There are more than 200 voice skills already!
Any user can easily create their own voice feature without coding and share it with others through the internal Dusi market.
Proven by blind users, Dusi is the single voice assistant satisfying all requirements of accessibility UX.

Developed in co-working with accessibility experts and testers this assistant enables blind users perform any task with voice only, without any visual control and having a deal with UI.

This experience made us ready to create an adapted version of voice assistant for the world first Android phone for blind users. Learn more.


Chat or Speak

Dusi is the first voice assistant that can be controlled remotely through a chat in Skype, Telegram or any other messenger.

It is much easier to command to your personal assistant even if you are unable to speak.
really personal assistant
From hackers to everybody
Full of tiny preferences, Dusi becomes the most advanced and the most personal assistant that can be tuned fully to satisfy any requirements.

This makes it so popular with only an organic users' interest for about 2 years.