Zen solutions
Our mission is to implement solutions for not only a big business. We enable AI to work for everybody.

Roman Doronin
CEO & Founder

Dmitriy Chechyotkin
CTO & Founder
Try to create a really useful mobile voice assistant for those who really need that. You will see that it is not so easy. We have passed this test with ElSmart.
The world first Android for blind users
ElSmart Android phone was created in co-working with Elita Group LTD - the company of professionals in accessibility technologies and hardware. The voice assistant built-in in this device enables blind users to control their smartphone fast and flexible without any visual contact.

Especially designed to fit all requirements, voice control is bound with buttons related UI. Thus user can make the routine with voice commands and continue using buttons then.

This experience gave us a much more than regular virtual voice assistants development. We learned how to make these things adapted to everybody.
Our AI engine has passed the blind users' stress-test.
The main test for every voice assistant we think.