Zen solutions
Aggregate framework
The market of hands free smart speakers is estimated in USD billions for 2017. But software developers don't have yet any tools for building their solutions.

Roman Doronin
CEO & Founder

Dmitriy Chechyotkin
CTO & Founder
Having a huge experience in AI and voice systems we have developed an open sourced framework for third-party developers to enable they to create all new voice driven devices.
Cross-platform framework for voice assistants development

Modular & flexible

Aggregate supports 5 different programming languages and works under Windows, MacOS and Linux even on RasperryPi
Aggregate enables any manufacturer to deploy voice control capabilities in any device under any operating system without any experience in AI or NLP. Our solution allows to create a whole new Amazon Echo or Google Home, as well as simply develop an own Siri for Windows, MacOS or Linux.
Smart home solutions
Built on top of our NLP platform Aggregate simplifies the development of voice driven smart home solutions providing the complete framework for developers. Dramatically reducing the time of the end-user device assembly.