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Zenbot platform
Messengers and chatbots are leading trends today. And bot building tools have a value for industry once it allow to implement any business logic for Slack, Facebook Messenger and others.

Roman Doronin
CEO & Founder

Dmitriy Chechyotkin
CTO & Founder
Zenbot is a SaaS bot building toolkit opened for third-party developers allowing them and us to develop modern bot solutions and create great community.
Zenbot platform is a Natural Language Interface for your chatbot, application or website.

Being integrated with the most popular messengers like Slack, Facebook Messenger, Cisco Spark, Telegram, Kik and others, this platform enables developers to implement any business solutions with conversational UI.

Chatbots can understand a natural language sentences as well as button clicks. The availability of messengers makes it easier to deliver any solution to the end-user instead of developing one more mobile app or website.
All-in-one cloud framework
You don't have to have any external servers or databases to implement any logic. Zenbot hosts everything your business needs on it's own.
NLP technology
Our NLP technology is ready to use without any special knowledges in AI. Your solution can use all our experience from scratch.
JavaScript flexibility
Built on top of well known and widely used JavaScript engine Zenbot reduces the time of any chatbot implementation.

Cisco Spark Office bot

Built with Zenbot during TADHack 2016
Officially integrated with Cisco Spark messenger Zenbot makes it much easier to create any business integration with Cisco. You don't have to have any experience in AI or implement complicated APIs now - Zenbot makes it for you and reduces the time of the bot development.
Powered by Zenbot
There are hundreds of bots powered by Zenbot platform and used by well known brands

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